Tomorrow's Telemetry Technology Today

DigiGate® is a wireless data network that provides connections for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications and location-based services
To be more specific... a private, metropolitan area, low power, IP telemetry system that operates in the Industrial/Business spectrum of 216-230 MHz.

Developed by Gateway Communications, the DigiGate® solution was designed to provide a low cost and reliable wireless communications for the IVDS (Interactive Video & Data Service) market which was one of the first spectrums auctioned in 1994. Since that time, the FCC has renamed the VHF High-Band "IVDS" to the "218-219 MHz Radio Service".

Our Experience Shows!

Under contracts and Spectrum Leasing agreements, Gateway Communications installed and managed over 30 nationwide IVDS markets with over 90 million of the population covered prior to the 2004 IVDS 10-year renewal. During the ten years, Gateway Communications also developed revenue focused applications for the IVDS Licensees that operate a DigiGate® network.